YoYo Kid Mike

YoYo Kid Mike VoL1 Cover



Genre Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Written by Mayomi Takamini
Published by N/A
Demographic Children

G: General Audiences

Magazine N/A
Official Release  TBA

1 book/ 6 volumes; including side series (List of volumes)

Anime television series
Directed by TBA
Written by TBA
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Upon discovering the secret life kept from him by his parents, Mike is granted a special power that enables him to fend off the onslaught of evil that endangers the universe. Raiden, the main antagonist, makes his way through several dimensions, conquering each one as he moves on. When he threatens the human world, Mike and company are there to put an end to his evil reign and restore the many worlds back to order.


An elementary kid lives a normal life until he discovers he has secret magic abilities. Overall, the plot thickens as trouble-makers come and start wrecking the place and it's up to our young hero to step up and save the day.



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# Title Page Number
01 A New Gift #3
A fresh school day is about to start and Mike Koiwa plans to make the most of it. After being accompanied by his friend, Mona Doswell, they find themselves confronted with a dilemma. Winston Dunken, one of Mike's troublesome friends, tries to jump the new school fence. In an attempt to stop Winston, Mike is the one who ends up on the other side of the fence and is greeted by a nasty visitor.
02 The Truth Revealed #16
Mike finds himself being pursued by a guard dog. Out of desperation and fear, Mike unleashes a small wave of energy that knocks the poor pooch for a loop and thus he makes his grand escape. Upon making his way back to class, he is confronted by an unsettling visitor; a young boy named Shubo. The boy gives the impression that he does not like Mike and tells him that things aren't as they seem. Mike does not wish to listen, making the strange boy chuckle and walk away. However, this would not be the last time the two meet.
03 Unexpected Arrivals #53
04 Shubo's Secret #
05 Gateway to Nowhere #
06 WHY?(A Son's Resolve) #
07 Acceptance (I know who I am) #
08 Beginning of Anew #


All volumes (including side stories) with information on released dates for the series.


No. Book Title Story Relevance
1 YoYo Kid Mike Main Story (canon)
2 YoYo Kid Mike 2: Raiden's Revenge Main Story (canon)
3 YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy Main Story (canon)
4 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)
5 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)
6 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)

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