Ananzo Gaburo
Ananzo Gaburo
Name Ananzo Gaburo
Age 10
Gender Male
Race Gordian (Gorndoff Resident)
Weapon(s) Rings of Phemeadia
Relations King Proxy-Uncle

King Aron-Father

Ananzo is a young prince whose ambitions get the better of him. He is the leading protagonist in the third volume of YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy. He is accompanied by Mike who stumbles into his world by accident and is now indebted to the prince for saving his life.


Ananzo appears as a young, 10 year old boy who shown as very colorful. He has smooth, rosy-brown skin and orange-red eyes. His hair is a deep, salmon brown of which stands up on top of his head. Ananzo's apparel is very similar to that for fantasy wear; consisting of a colorfully designed top and elaborate accessories. He wears an open, cornflower-blue vest and has short sleeves with a gold "DNA" design tracing down the sides. Woven inside are longer sleeves that cover his entire arms. Two gold buttons are stitched on each side with gold lace suspended from them. He wears dark brown shorts that meet with a blue ring containing three golden gems circling on all sides. The last part of his outstanding outfit is his large, cloak-like cape that covers the upper half of his neck and hangs down to the backs of his legs. The cape is split down the very middle and separated into two large, wing-shaped cuts. 


Ananzo (a.k.a Anan) is a very spirited young boy who is always looking forward to the future.

Creation and Development


  • Ananzo wears no shoes for various reasons, but the biggest reason is that he believes that they restrict one's freedom and that people are bound by them; thinking they can not travel or function without the aid of basic apparel.