Mona Doswell




Mona Dozuu~eru [モナ.ドズウェル]
Name Mona Dozuu~eru [モナ.ドズウェル]
Age 9
Gender Female
Race Human
Weapon(s) Skateboard
Relations N/A
Just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't still have your back.
— Mona Doswell.


Mona appears as a mildly short 9-year-old girl. She has cream coloured skin and aqua blue eyes. Mona has pistachio green hair which becomes darker as you trace down to the ends of her bangs. She wears a violet-blue vest with a thickly woven, white collar and white trim lining her sleeves. A silver zipper hangs from the bottom of the collar and runs all the way to the bottom of her vest. She wears a long-sleeve white shirt under her vest. Mona wears a carefully woven cap (the same colour as her vest) which slips over her head; where only her darkly coloured bangs are visible. On the left side of her cap, a circular accessory is stitched into it. A small pendulum suspended from a small thread hangs down with a teal ribbon following down the side of her hat. She wears blue jean shorts with two large pockets on both sides and are cuffed at the bottom. Her footwear contains a variety of slip on shoes, usually varying to match the colour of her vest.


Mona is a very tomboyish girl who is often assumed by others to be able to get and do whatever she pleases. Despite being a tomboy she still has a healthy interest in things that are cute (like all girls should). She sometimes says the opposite of what she means in an attempt to hide her true feelings about a situation or topic but this wall can easily be broken if one pesters her enough. She is very courageous and lacks the fears that most people possess. This can be considered both a blessing and a curse. Despite her extreme personality she is surprisingly a very lax person which can also give people the impression that she is boring. However, in reality she is a very kind, happy-go-lucky, go-getter girl.


  • In Greek, the name Mona means- royal. Other origins for the name Mona include - Greek, Native American, Italian, Irish, Native American. Read more: Mona