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Alania Koiwa (小岩アラニア)
Name Alania Koiwa (小岩アラニア)
Age 23
Gender Female
Race Human
Weapon(s) "Oversensitiveness"
Relations Mike Koiwa-Son


I believe in my son very much. He may be young but deep down there's a maturing young man growing inside of that big heart of his.
— Alania Koiwa.

The adoring mother of main protagonist Mike Koiwa and loving wife of Yuudai. Though she makes very little appearances throughout the series, when she does she becomes quite the memorable character. Her role as mother is very important and is shown as much as needed when the story is in need of it.


In appearance, Alania looks the part of your everyday house wife. She has light, apricot skin and emerald green eyes. Her hair is mars-yellow brown and runs straight down her back. Most of her apparel consists of sundresses and casual dresses that are suited for the changing seasons. Her main outfit consists of a dark orchid sun dress, as well as matching shoes to accommodate it. Underneath this dress is a peach-puff “pink” collared shirt. The last of her apparel is a small, white apron tied around her waist.


Alaina Koiwa is a very motherly and caring person. At first glance she appears to be your average everyday housewife and mother, however when angered or worried she takes on an entirely different persona. A dark demonic aura seems to surround her as her voice goes from sweet and loving to demonic and psychopathic. While it is unsure how, she gains immense strength out of nowhere and can easily lift up anything in her path. When she is normal, this super strength disappears as though it was non-existent to begin with and she becomes as weak as any other human.